​​​​​​​​​​​I have lived and worked in Northern Ireland for many years taking part in exhibitions organised by the Crafts Council of Ireland before moving to Berkshire several years ago.

My formal training in weaving was in Bradford and I have also attended courses with internationally known weavers.
When travelling to other countries I always try to study the textiles there and on two visits to Indonesia, found the wonderful Ikat weaving a great source of inspiration.  

Many of my yarns and silk warps are hand-dyed before weaving and when the Ikat and dip-dyeing methods are used this makes every scarf or wrap a unique piece of work. 
A macro photograph of a butterfly's wing which has a fine scaly texture, was the original inspiration for silk scarves featuring ribbon weft. This has developed to depict fish scales and the texture of snakeskin.
The natural world and changing seasons continue to be my greatest sources of inspiration.